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Windows seems to prefer to place some system files page file, hibernate file, and system restore files above the half way point on a drive and defrag can not move them around.

MAC OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.1 on the Asus Eee PC

Since I want to give half or more to Linux and other OS's, I used the following steps to move the files. Search this site. Audio FAQ. Agasio AW and Motion. Fedora 18 and OS X Fedora and OS X Interworking.


HP tx and Fedora HP txz and Fedora. Plex Media Server. Bonjour Sleep Proxy.

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Below are some notes I'm taking while install linux on it. At this time only Fedora 13 Alpha is out but notes should apply mostly for final Fedora 13 as well. I've also made some updates based on behaviour after upgrading to Fedora Delete crapware, install any new apps, and upgrade the system.

Download UltraDefrag and install it. Run it and click on "Settings Click check mark by "Enable" for Windows boot time scan". Finally, click on "Script" button to modify script ran at startup. Change line that says "ultrascan c:" to "ultrascan -o c:'. Upon next bootup, this will run an optimized scan and moves all files towards front of drive.

Load Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on the eeePC

This is not enough though because it can not move page files, hibernate files, or system restore files. The following steps will get of those files before rebooting. On System Protection tab, click Configuration and then disable option. After future reboot, re-enable on same menu. Disable Hibernation by selecting start menu and in search box type "cmd" but don't hit enter. Using right button press, select Run As Administrator.


On future reboot, use same sets but use "on". Got everything work besides the battery icon, just shows a battery with an X through it. I take it this might be due to the Airport Utility update or something of the sort. Ich geb sonst auch gerne Hilfestellung in Deutsch. I recently updated my RAM to a 2gb stick and magically the battery indicator started to work. No, the new dsdt. Thank you very much!

I found it out myself allready.

It works! Works well. Not working. This should do it. I could not get a video out. Not that I know of, mirroring just kills the output to the internal display display extension however works like a charm. The system reports only 1 CPU — which I think is the point. How do I uninstall? I used the astericks for the greater than and less than signs on therror message. Successfully installed John M, what webcam do you have? Patches What I am worried is that the Trackpad. Please ping me, if anyone of you has this pane working.

Delete logical Drive. I installed OS X as the directions indicated and got through the installation without a problem. Upon booting, came to the grey screen with the apple logo in the center. This can easily go up to minutes…. You are wrong. This is extremely rude at least it seems to me.

Then when you open your network preferences it should tell you that it found a new network interface. Firstly a huge thank you to all for the tremendous work you have done. I apologize, my English is not my native language and this phrase, I did not want to offend anyone.

Once again, sorry. The problem of a blinking cursor, I decided to quite simply — a laptop tried to boot from the wrong drive, my mistake. At the moment everything is working and I am very happy, except for three things. Secondly I am very irritated by the sound of the fan and I do not understand why this may be due.

How I installed OS X on the Asus 1008HA

When downloading, it is turn on but then does not turn off. I would be very grateful if you told me in what direction should I look for a solution to this problem.

And the third. My laptop is excellent to sleep when you close the lid but then did not wake up. That is, I hear the sounds of how it works, but the screen remains black. The main problem is that I did not had h model, i have model. And I can not take all of your utility, which makes everything herself or can? Once again, I apologize and express my deep gratitude. Now your problem is that you can not use the dsdt. I need help. After install iDeneb 1. What i do wrong? I tried repeatedly to install osx I just found it more easy to understand like that for the many noobs like me who might be following your tutorial.

Much more than documents.

Yes much easier, but didnt work… hmm… still blue screen… which other ones should i remove. Putting the computer in sleep and waking up refresh this indication. Another problem is that the battery charge end a little bit before the computer goes in sleep, so if you are in a critical battery condition, you risk to loose all your data. Once the trackpad waked up with two right buttons left and right button acts as right button , but this only once in hundreds of times.

Using intensively, I found that the waleup time is quite slow from the moment you hit the power button to the moment the cursor and keyboard are working againg , this compare to an original macbook. The new patched version of VoodooHDA to get the microphone working for you eeepc is now online! Check out my website!

Apple Snow Leopard on Asus EEEpc HE –

Hi my name is Minh. I installed iDeneb One more thing. I found this and tried to install but it keeps saying that Growl is not installed even I did! Can you help me, please.

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I only need the brightness one but two is ok.