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I have tried many times and have came close with the sound using eq'n, filters distortion reverb chorus differently but not quite what I am after. I have looked around for a fair amount of information and was wondering if anyone can give me a better understanding for creating this sound thanks. My Studio. Tell us what synths you actually have. The DX7 had several slap-bass like sounds in the factory presets.

Korg prophecy had a good preset as well I remember. Originally Posted by golden beers.

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Originally Posted by DynamicRemington. I mean, for an academic exercise of "hey let's take up the challenge to make a bass guitar in Massive and learn something" - sure, I'm game. Originally Posted by Yoozer. If you want slap bass, samples are your best bet.

With Kontakt it's much easier and far, far more realistic to script a slap bass with proper slides etc.

The Best Free Bass VST

Spectrasonics Trilian is not open for 3rd party devs like Kontakt is but it's also got good bass. Layering does not necessarily make things warm. They were created by Quartertone from a Yamaha Eterna classical acoustic guitar, recorded with a CAD E microphone and are finger-plucked note performances. They are licensed Creative Commons Attribution and can be used for any purpose including commercial. Please credit Quartertone. Tuesday, October 7, Ldk Violin.

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Wednesday, September 24, Project16 Bass Version 2. Project16 Bass - Version 2 : Kontakt 5. On Thanksgiving Day I'm 'officially' launching a blog devoted entirely to VST instruments, but you can take a sneak peak if you like. By Thanksgiving day there should be 75 free instruments and 2 orchestral Romplers. For Windows you should just be able to unzip them in your VST directory. You'll have a small dll file in the VST directory and a sub-folder with an mse file. Thanks to Andy Kotz. Greg and I had a conversation about key switching in which I realized I need to explain it. Usually an octave or two below the last note on an instrument are key switches to change articulations.

They always start on the C note for the first articulation. This is clearly a glitch, but sadly one I can't fix. The keys should switch articulations in the same order that is listed on the drop down menu.

This is a crazy looking machine in an MPC style that comes with 20 kits ready to play. Each kit loads up 16 sounds across the 16 pads and each pad has controls for volume, panning, attack, and release. Further controls are available for pitch, glide and fine-tuning. You can apply some modulation of various sorts and tie it to various MIDI inputs. It has also got 16 audio outputs so you can run each pad through a separate channel in your DAW. DrumTROOP is a bit rough around the edges but comes with enough kicking kits to give you a lot of fun. Career Articles.

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How To Make : Funky/Slap Bass with Free Plugins (FL Studio Tutorial)

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