How do i do select all on a mac

Open application switcher, keeping Command pressed, use Tab to navigate to the app you hope to use.

The Select All shortcut

Jump directly to the top or bottom of a web page using the Function key and the right to the bottom of the page or left to the top of the page arrows on the keyboard. You can achieve a similar result using Command-Up or Command-Down. Hit Command and the left arrow to go back a page in the browser window. Hit Command right to go forward again. Navigate between multiple tabs using the Command-Shift-] or Command-Shift-[ characters.

20 Cool Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

You can also use Option-Shift to change display brightness in small amounts. Read even more Option secrets here. Here are some other ideas on controlling your Mac with your voice.

The Simplest Way to Select All on a MacBook

Use this command to quickly launch Displays preferences. Use this combination to move between open windows in your currently active app.

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It's so useful you'll wonder why you hadn't used it before. Want to grab an image to place into the document you're typing in?

How to Delete All Photos on Your Mac

Just tap Control-Shift-Command-6 and the picture will be saved to your Clipboard for pasting it in. Move your cursor to the bottom of your screen and keep moving as if you're moving it off the screen ; you should see one of the items in your Touch bar highlighted. Now move your cursor to highlight the Siri button and then drag and drop that button a space or two to the left. This is also an excellent way to become familiar with how you can edit other items in your Touch Bar.

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Do you use the function keys regularly in some apps? But it's also possible to set up the Touch Bar so it always shows the function keys in those apps. You can then select the app s.

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Keyboard Shortcuts in OneNote for Mac - OneNote for Mac

Show More. Key combination. What it does. Select all items in the front Finder window or desktop if no window is open. Navigate to the search field in an already-open Spotlight window. Open the folder that contains the current folder in a new window.

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  8. Open a folder in a separate window, closing the current window. Key or key combination.

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    Display all bootable volumes Startup Manager. Show or hide the Spotlight search field if multiple languages are installed, may rotate through enabled script systems. Transpose the character behind the cursor and the character in front of the cursor. Delete the word that is left of the cursor, as well as any spaces or punctuation after the word.

    Show the Spotlight search results window if multiple languages are installed, may rotate through keyboard layouts and input methods within a script. Move forward to the next most recently-used application in a list of open applications.

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    Move backward through a list of open applications sorted by recent use. Move focus to the next grouping of controls in a dialog or the next table when Tab moves to the next cell. Eject from secondary optical media drive if one is installed.