Installare ubuntu su mac mini

I don't think you can create empty partitions with diskutil.

Installing Debian - the simple way

Other tools like fdisk and gpart might work but in the end you just need a partition. Make sure to unmount that partition. You can dd some zeroes into it to prevent Mac OS X from mounting it again. Create a VMDK from our partition's block device. Create a virtual machine using the raw vmdk as its virtual disk and install your desired 32 bit Linux distribution as if you were installing a simple VM.

I can guess that some installers might not be happy with this. The installer may also complain about not using swap but you can fix this later. I've used Ubuntu When prompted about where to install a boot loader I've selected to continue without a bootloader. If everything went fine refind will detect your new OS and boot it by running the kernel. Legacy mode doesn't work because we don't have a boot loader.

How to install Linux on a Macintosh and dual boot with macOS

There is a site called Linux on Laptops I linked the Apple section that outlines what laptops are compatible with Linux. Specifically for Debian, they have a Wiki that describes exactly how to install it on a Mac.

As mentioned before, I am partial to BSD. It doesn't make sense to sacrifice that much performance for that small price. I have seen this: a Mac that has 4 USB ports. It boots from only one. Maybe you need find the friendly port too?

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UNetbootin (Automated, graphical approach)

Asked 2 years, 7 months ago. Active 1 year, 4 months ago. Viewed 9k times. I have tried a few things, all without success. Create a bootable start disk using Ubuntu and a USB stick. Create a separate partition on the Airs HD.

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Resync with rEFIt. Turn power off and on.

Here you might want to press F6 to change parameters, e. Start the 'Disk Utility. Otherwise, Mac OS X To boot multiple operating systems, use OS X's tools to split up your drive and make room for everything.

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If you forget to do this, installing the boot loader will fail. For dual or triple boot situations, hold down the Option key on your keyboard and the built-in boot volume chooser will let you select what you'd like to boot from. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated in months. This will be removed but is needed briefly, later.

Note that you can install rEFIt on a USB stick and boot from that, which is especially useful if your goal is to have just Debian on the system as it simplifies partitioning. I was able to resolve it by using the resolution package. Debian 4. With the mid macmini 3,1 model, you need a "testing" installer to get a recent enough kernel for reboot to work with kernels from lenny and prior a hard power-off is needed after shutdown.

HandBrake: Downloads

Use regular install disks. This works perfectly for normal use and the rEFInd appears to recognise boot disks in it. Eventually I made some progress by using the step given above to convert a debian netinst 8. I installed rEFInd with the default refine-install script.

So I powered off and on again. I then booted the machine and selected the USB drive fallback boot option.