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NET tools on Linux at no cost including Silverlight. Not to mention Adobe etc. Is Oracle moving in this direction on Linux I'll switch to. I actually bought several packaged RedHat and Suse distributions for my server in the past. Although Linux is freely available, a pre-packaged distribution for tested configuration saved me a lot of time and so did pay off.

The same could work for JDK. My point is: either save time and spend some money or save money and tinker a bit. In Particular : 2. Hm, that depends As a home user, I might get used to the idea. Why not pay for something that provides added value. As a developer? Well, I would say that depends not only on the license. Also it would be a little bit awkward for me why I should pay for Java on Mac when Java everywhere else is "free". And too, as a developer and ISV I appreciate very much the idea of "write once, run everywhere".

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Actually, this idea would be abandoned. Maybe this is OK for business users, where the ISV might bundle the redistributable runtime with his software in an "all-in package" that is installed by the ISV. For home users or non-company-wide business users who "just need that specific tool that needs a VM" it would be not good having to pay money for the runtime on Mac.

No, I would perhaps pay to help java being ported, but as a free software developer, I need my users on the mac to have a free java implementation. I love this one from the Apple Developer Agreement: "3. It is never a good idea to be dependent on one commercial implementer.

JDK 7 Installation for Mac OS X

Almost the same argument that you use against the spring framework. I'd prefer to see an open-source port of Java on OS X, as a first-class citizen than relying on a single vendor.

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That said, if Apple's VM starts to get dated, and someone has done a good job of porting Java to a commercially-offered VM, I'd definitely be willing to pay for the tools I need to continue to do commercial Java development under OS X. This is getting really weird now. Come on guys, Steve doesn't need us, he doesn't want us. He is not looking for free-minded fellows, he is looking for lemmings. And all you strive for is to become lemmings?

Java on the Mac is dead. Get over it. I think those who use Mac are rich and willing to spend a little money for conveniences. I have a commercial IntelliJ license. Bought it officially last year although I got one because of a JUG talk - but I think it was not intended for commercial use. I will also buy an upgrade for IntelliJ I rarely use Eclipse. The saved money, I could invest in a decent JDK port I use NetBeans because it is easier to introduce it into new projects. The amount of money does not matter - but you have to get approval for everything in bigger european companies NetBeans is really good and free I'd suggest that someone approach IBM as they already make VM's for power based and intel based machines.

A port of their existing Linux java to the OS-X one would surely not be that hard? In watching my development work on my MacBookPro vs. For better or worse, it looks like the LinuxTax is on the horizon.

There is so much noice around the apple. Finally, I bought iMac, iPhone and iPad. Believe it or not, I am not impressed by iPhone and iPad.

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I want to sell it. Android is much better. I will stay with iMac, and time will show I want to sell them. Enter the following Java source code and save the file as " Hello. Click on the "Console" button to view the console. If message "Process javac exited with code 0" appears, the program is compiled successfully. To install: Double-click the downloaded Disk Image ". Drag the "gedit" icon to the "Applications" folder. Eject the Disk Image " gedit.

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In platform, select the "Mac OS X". Click "No thanks, just start my download".

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