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Like the majority of pc gaming mice today, the Logitech G — Hero additionally embeds many extra buttons in addition to the 3 main function keys which naturally should be owned by a mouse, gaming or not. On the left side, it features 5 different buttons, each of which uses different features from each other. The infused LED is also not excessive to provide a cosmetic side, with one in the logo design as well as the various other as an indicator of the degree of level of sensitivity that you are using. Between one switch is also loaded to alter the scroll wheel residential or commercial properties in 2 different modes.

Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8. Gaming Mouse Series. It decouples pointer movement ever so slightly from a basic relationship with mouse movement, and introduces something called the mouse acceleration curve. The translation from physical mouse movement to pointer movement is more sophisticated and more subtle than you might think. It's all documented in an excellent Microsoft article on mouse ballistics.

It introduced me to the amusing concept of the mickey : the smallest unit of measurement that the mouse's hardware can produce.

Let's think about this like programmers. If it was our job to translate mouse mickeys into pointer movements, how would we do it? Our first order of business is to figure out how fast the mouse is moving on the table or mousepad-- the mouse velocity. The accuracy of the mickeys coming from our mouse is strongly influenced by the bus update rate. The math proves it. The good news is that fancy enthusiast mice always override the default Hz USB update rate.

Both of these mice bump it up to Hz as soon as they're plugged in, which I verified using the Direct Input Mouse Rate tool. It should more accurately be called MPI, mickeys per inch. A "dot" isn't a dot at all; it's a completely arbitrary unit, nothing more than the smallest unit of movement that the hardware can measure. This is dynamically switchable via the buttons on the mouse, and configurable in software as well.

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Now that we have mouse velocity in the physical world, let's determine how that will map to pointer velocity on the virtual world of our screen. Screens are bounded by obvious, concrete physical limitations. Refresh rate is typically fixed at 60 Hz for modern LCD displays. Screen resolution varies from x to astronomically huge for those that can afford 30" displays, but the DPI ranges are fairly similar for most monitors. There's a physical to virtual gain of 2.

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Without the mouse acceleration curve, this is as sophisticated as it gets. We might use a simple multiplier based on the pointer speed slider, but that's about it. The relationship is linear. We're doing a basic one to one mapping. But with "Enhance Pointer Precision", we use a variable curve to determine how far the pointer moves for any given mouse speed.

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The different colored curves shown here represent different values of the pointer speed slider with acceleration enabled. It is possible to edit these curves via the SmoothMouseXCurve and SmoothMouseYCurve registry settings, but there's absolutely no documentation I could find on these settings, so be careful. Free Spinning toggled by mechanical switch. QUAD 2. Released in celebration of Logitech's 25th anniversary.

First Logitech mouse to feature a free-spinning alloy scroll wheel. One of the first two mice introduced in to feature a Darkfield Laser. Replaced by MX Master in Re-released in The new model uses Logitech Options instead of SetPoint, and the programmable thumb button got removed.

As of , has a variant called the "Party Collection" Mc which comes in several vibrant, themed designs. Touch surface. Free Spinning toggled by mechanical switch or autoshift via software. Enough power for full day in 4 minutes charge. Full charge can last 40 days.

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Able to connect to three separate devices. Replaced by MX Master 2S in Bluetooth 3. Full battery can last for a rated 24 months.

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Can be connected to up to three devices. Logitech Flow compatible. Comes with near-silent click buttons, full battery is rated to last 18 months, same shell as M Comes with near-silent click buttons, full battery is rated to last 24 months, same shell as M Full charge can last 70 days.

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Eight 1. Batteries were swappable and charged in a base station that also acted as an anchor for the receiver. Free Spinning Mechanical switch toggled. Four 4g weights and four 7g weights that could be inserted in groups of eight in a chosen arrangement to alter the balance of the mouse.

Four 4g weights and four 7g weights that could be inserted in a group of four in a chosen arrangement to alter the balance of the mouse. Six 1.

Color changing thumb buttons, on-board memory for 3 button mapping profiles, supports changes controlled by mouse buttons. Features long battery life and two power modes: Performance and Endurance, with hours of battery life and hours of battery life respectively. Replaced by G in Combines optical sensor with an accelerometer, allowing the mouse to track speeds in excess of inches per second, and more than 16G in acceleration. Five 3.

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Fully customizable RGB lighting, only change from the original G aside from the removal of cyan highlights from the body of the mouse. Fully customizable RGB lighting, features ambidextrous design with customizable thumb buttons. Features what is considered to be the best wireless technology on the market. Replaced by G