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Global Achievements. This topic has been pinned, so it's probably important. Hey there! Showing 1 - 15 of comments. Svetbach View Profile View Posts. Saved games do not load. Screen freezes up and you have to force quit the application. Originally posted by Svetbach :. Last edited by boehsermoe ; 9 Mar, am.

The loading game problem is known and is being worked on. Expected fix early next week. Funny thing is that I succeeded to launch a game when I set the game in english, but not in french. Originally posted by ncannasse :. Update: we have successfully fixed the load game problem! Have a good week-end, we will look at further issues on monday. Also not working on son's MacBook Pro We have both deleted and reinstalled the game to see if that would fix it.

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But to no avail. Dester Wallaboo: make sure you restart Steam to force latest update. Last edited by ncannasse ; 9 Mar, am. My saved game loaded. Thank you - I look forward to really digging into the game this weekend. When Apple Arcade first became available, there were just over 50 games available, but more titles have already been rolling out. There's also a one-month free trial available, so everyone can give it a try before paying. Apple's editorial team will highlight standout Apple Arcade titles, but there's also an option to access all available games, and you can search for titles as well.

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Apple Arcade isn't launching with the more than titles Apple has said are in development, but there are over 50 games to download across a wide range of categories. All of the games are listed below. Apple Arcade appears to be rolling out to a handful of users ahead of its planned September 19 release date, based on a few tweets and emails sent to MacRumors.

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We've also received access on one of our devices, and it appears those who are able to use Apple Arcade at this time are running either iOS 13 or the latest iOS We were able to sign up for a complete Apple Arcade subscription, which comes with a one-month free trial. There appear to be right around 54 games available at launch, and we'll have a full list of titles coming soon.

Games run the gamut from puzzle titles to action titles to RPGs and multiplayer games. Apple says new games will be added regularly. Installing Apple Arcade games after subscribing is as simple as browsing the available game catalog, choosing a game, and tapping on the "Get" button. Games can be downloaded and played fully offline, with no internet access required, and there appears to be no limit on the number of Apple Arcade games that can be installed at one time. Apple Arcade is set to launch in an official capacity this Thursday, and it's possible Apple will continue rolling out access ahead of that date.

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Let us know in the comments and we'll try to. Ahead of the launch of Apple Arcade this Thursday, Apple has allowed YouTubers and media sites to go hands-on with the service, and reviews are now available letting us know what we can expect. Below, we've rounded up some highlights from the reviews, which will be of interest to anyone thinking of subscribing to Apple Arcade.

According to Engadget's Devindra Hardawar, the demo games that Apple allowed testers to play each had unique gaming elements. He went on to call the service a "no brainer subscription" for anyone who owns an Apple device, and called Apple Arcade "one of the best deals in gaming.

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Sure, there are stealth games, but maybe you're not a sniper There are puzzle games, but maybe not to climb a tower but to delve into your childhood memories. One of the biggest, oldest knocks against Apple has been that they don't get gaming.

It's usually made by studios and players who want a hardcore, PC-like, even console-like experience on the Mac or iOS. Apple today shared a new video on its YouTube channel that highlights some of the games coming to Apple Arcade in seconds. Earlier this week, Apple announced that its subscription-based Apple Arcade gaming service will launch September 19 in over countries. This price will apply to individuals or a family of up to six members via Family Sharing. This price will apply to individuals or a family of up to six members and will likely vary outside the United States.

Apple Arcade will provide iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV users with access to a library of over games, with no ads or additional in-app purchases. Read our Apple Arcade guide for more details and a preview of the games coming at. Apple Arcade is set to launch this fall, providing iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV users with access to a library of over games on a subscription basis, with no ads or additional in-app purchases.

Last week, 9to5Mac's Guilherme Rambo managed to gain access to an internal early access program for Apple Arcade intended for Apple employees. Note that these are pre-release beta versions of the games. More details and screenshots of each game can be found over at 9to5Mac. For more on Apple Arcade, read our guide.

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Screenshots of an early Apple Arcade test were found over the weekend, and now prospective pricing has also been leaked. Apple has said there will be somewhere around games available at launch, with no ads or additional in-app purchases. Apple hasn't officially announced Apple Arcade pricing, so the price could be changed ahead of when it becomes available. There's no word just yet on when Apple Arcade will launch, but an ongoing employee internal test is set to end when iOS 13 launches, so that could be when Apple plans on rolling out the. Apple Arcade, Apple's upcoming subscription-based gaming service, was first introduced in March and is set to launch this fall.

Ahead of the upcoming launch, Apple has debuted an early access program for its employees, with screenshots and details shared by 9to5Mac this morning. The Apple Arcade tab in Apple's App Stores will feature a selection of highlighted games and different game categories. Many of the games in development for Apple Arcade have been previously announced, but here are a few Apple is highlighting, along with their descriptions:Way of the Turtle: "Play as two curious turtles lost on a cursed island in the middle of nowhere.

Obtain shells containing special powers such as dash and attack to defeat enemies and overcome different challenges.


Relive those moments of excitement, joy and chaos. Run, jump, climb and surf in first person across nostalgia-packed environments flooded with hot molten lava. The report, citing several people involved in the project's development, claims Apple is incentivizing developers by spending several million dollars each on most of the more than games that have been selected to be available on Apple Arcade when the service launches later this year. While the report claims games on Apple Arcade will not be available on Android or through other subscription-based gaming services, it says developers will be permitted to release their games on PCs or other games consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation after a few months of exclusivity.

Apple has yet to reveal pricing for its Arcade service, slated to launch in fall in more than countries across the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. All games on Apple Arcade will be fully-featured, all-you-can-play experiences, with no ads and no in-app purchases necessary.

Apple Arcade will be accessible via a dedicated tab in the App. Apple today announced Apple Arcade, a new subscription-based games service for mobile, desktop, and the living room, featuring hundreds of titles from top video game publishing houses including Disney, Sega, Lego, Cartoon Network, and Konami. A subscription to Apple Arcade includes access to over new and exclusive games that can be played both online and offline across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, and the whole family can play using Family Sharing with one subscription fee. Apple Arcade will have a dedicated tab on the App Store, and games will be curated by Apple's team of App Store editors.

Apple says the emphasis will be on personalized recommendations, and Apple promises that Apple Arcade games cannot collect any data about the user without consent.