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A solution would be welcome.

HOW TO: FIX Stock Mac Apps From Not Opening! (Not Compatible Error)

I am forced to Restart as the only way around this. Happening all of sudden on my 3yr old iMac — so far with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Calendar, and when I read to launch Activity Monitor it even happened with that! Driving me nuts, treading on eggshells, only solution is restart. Force quit shows none of the effected applications.

Rebooting cleared up the problem.

Which of those is responsible for look up the default web browser or mail application? Maybe something was relying on cached process numbers, I had recently awakened the machine after sleeping overnight, so all the process numbers had changed. I have had this problem with just about every app on my computer.

I wonder if it is related to the lds process spinning uselessly and using up a lot of cpu causing my fans to go on.

Tutorial: What to do when a Mac OS X application will not launch

I note that this problem was first reported on OS I never had the problem until upgrading to This is another proposed solution to the problem. I note that many of the application icons no longer show up in the launcher but use the generic icon. The Finder has the right icon. This is an instance where safari is suffering the problem: And here it is the finder: There is a lot of instruction on using the console. There are a number of other posts on various sites discussing this problem, but the only solution offered is to reboot your machine.

I imagine it is some malware that Apple allowed the CIA or NSA to install on all of our computers so they could track whether or not we are planning something stupid. Most recently, it was the App Store. I tried the first two methods with no success. That did not work as well. It sucks that rebooting is the only option for me. Come on Apple! Fix your product! I cannot reload it from the app store because it is not there!

Fixing file permissions or deleting preferences may help.

Grab is a screenshot utility for Mac, if you have Grab open then you can make the Grab app active and quit it normally, you can force quit it through the Force Quit menu. I was hoping the above article would solve the reason for the error message, not the result. From what I can tell the cause of the problem appears to be an IO or memory issue, maybe too many open sockets, too many open ports or files, at some core OS maybe even the kernel level, if you start trying to open other apps especially several apps or many browser tabs, things start to go haywire too.

Once that happens the only solution is to reboot the Mac. Then it seems to happen again after another period of time… I think it is a bug introduced in a more recent macOS update, I never encountered it before that. Encountered this too, only solvable apparently via reboot.

Best Alternative to Solve Preview not Working Issue

Seems to occur semi-frequently. Not even killing Finder seemed to make any difference. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Willis H du Pont says: December 6, at 6: Jean-Philippe says: December 9, at 8: December 13, at 2: EvdM says: December 18, at 3: Frank says: January 5, at 1: Robert says: January 16, at 4: January 17, at February 24, at 2: Erin says: March 16, at Joni says: April 13, at 5: Hamza says: June 15, at 1: May 10, at 8: May 14, at 6: Mike says: July 7, at Viginia says: September 13, at 6: Drag the. You can also use an application like Preferential Treatment to check for corrupt.

Re-install the application Try re-installing your application from its original media or download source. Go from light, to medium to deep the ordinal levels are defined differently in each application , checking to see if your afflicted application launches properly after each. Also, check the following folder for application-specific cache files that can be deleted, or at least temporarily removed:. Make sure permissions are correct A range of permissions issues can effect Mac OS X applications, causing them not to launch.

Failing that, startup from your Mac OS X installation disc insert it, then restart while holding down the "C" key.

Fixing “The application ‘’ is not open anymore” Mac Error

After the startup process is complete, go to the "Utilities" menu and select Disk Utility. Click on the First Aid tab, then click on the Repair Disk button. In some odd cases usually after a backup or when transferring backed up data back to a startup device , permissions on the "MacOS" directory the directory that normally stores the executable binary in a Mac OS X application can become incorrect.

Check CoreAudio As noted in Knowledge Base article , some Apple applications might not open fully or at all if the Digidesign Core Audio driver has been installed as part of a Pro Tools version 6.

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Check for errant plug-ins Some application launch failures can be caused by problematic plug-ins or other add-ons. Safari and other Web browsers are notorious for suffering from this issue, as are some other extensible applications like iMovie. Check the following locations for any recently added files, or any files implicated in error messages generated when you attempt to launch the problematic application:.

Doing so can resolve issues with system components or delete specific files that can resolve application launching issues. Create a new user account Try creating a new user account, and check if the application launches under it. If so, a user-specific corruption issue is likely at play -- see the above sections regarding. See our tutorial "Common workaround -- create a new user account" for more information. Archive and Install As a last resort, try performing an Archive and Install process , which will retain some user settings but otherwise leave you with a fresh Mac OS X installation.

Also, check with the application's developer for compatibility notes regarding the version of Mac OS X you are running, and revert to an earlier iteration if necessary. Like what you've found in this tutorial?

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